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Policies | Dynacom

Personal data use policy

Designation of a Personal Information Protection Officer:

Pierre Arel, IT Director, is designated as the officer and can be reached at parel@dynacom.com.

Confidentiality Incident Management:

As part of our compliance with Bill 25, we have established a robust protocol for managing confidentiality incidents. This protocol includes the establishment of a detailed registry of all incidents related to the security of personal data. In the event of an incident posing a serious risk of harm to the individuals concerned, we commit to promptly notifying the Quebec Access to Information Commission (CAI) as well as the affected individuals. The management and follow-up of incidents will be ensured by Nicolas Nadeau, Alain Nadeau, Pierre Arel, and Jessica Peuch, thus guaranteeing a rapid and effective response in any situation.

Communication of Personal Information Without Consent:

In accordance with Bill 25 on the protection of personal information in Quebec, our company commits not to sell or use client data for sales or research purposes. We respect our clients’ privacy by ensuring that their personal data is used exclusively for the services they have requested and within the scope of our business relationship. No transfer of personal data to third parties for commercial transactions or research studies is performed. This policy is in total accord with the directives of Bill 25, thus ensuring optimal protection of our clients’ personal data.

Data Governance Policy:

Dynacom commits to ensuring the confidentiality of all information received from its clients. The terms described below state our policy on the collection and use of personal information.

Dynacom does not share any personal information entrusted by its clients, such as name, address, phone and fax numbers, email, etc. However, such information may be required at the time of purchase or product registration. This information will be clearly requested on all order forms. These details are necessary to ensure product delivery, technical support, and client file management.

Dynacom also automatically collects other types of information such as the Internet domain name from which you accessed the Dynacom site and the type of browser you are using. This information is compiled to adjust our website to your expectations and preferences.

Aside from personal information related to purchase and registration transactions and that collected automatically by electronic means, any information or material submitted to Dynacom through its website, or otherwise, will and shall remain the property of Dynacom and will be treated as non-confidential.

Risk Assessment for Data Sharing Outside Quebec:

Dynacom uses two-factor authentication, ensuring a secure connection for external employees accessing our systems. We regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of these security measures to ensure compliance with Bill 25’s personal data protection requirements. This proactive approach ensures optimal protection of personal data, even when accessible by employees outside Quebec.

Consent and Transparency in Data Collection:

The provision of Services requires the implementation of a cookie. A “cookie” is an information file that a website can place on your computer to facilitate or improve the use of our Services and our website. If you choose to block cookies, you will not be able to use the services provided by Dynacom. We do not associate the information stored in cookies with any personal data you provide during your visit to our site. In addition to cookies, Dynacom and third-party advertisers may also use third-party cookies to anonymously track and analyze online activity and use of our Services, and to provide targeted advertising. You can block or restrict the placement of third-party cookies or delete them from your browser by setting your preferences or Internet browser settings accordingly. In this case, you can still use the services provided by Dynacom, but some features might be affected. The use of cookies by third parties is not covered by our privacy policy. We do not have access to these cookies and have no control over them.

Data Destruction or Anonymization:

Dynacom has established strict procedures for data anonymization in non-production environments. Only a very limited support team has access to production data, while in all other environments, data is systematically anonymized.

Regarding data deletion, it is automatically carried out 30 days after the client’s unsubscribe. However, information may persist in backup copies necessary as part of our data management policy and service continuity. This approach ensures that personal data is used exclusively for its original purpose and in accordance with the requirements of Bill 25.

Data Portability:

Dynacom has established a clear procedure for clients to request access to their personal data. This procedure includes verifying the requester’s identity, compiling and providing the data in an accessible format, as well as the possibility of requesting corrections in case of inaccuracies. These systems ensure compliance with Bill 25’s data portability requirements. To access your personal data, please reach out to parel@dynacom.com.

Pricing policy

Dynacom updates its website on a regular basis, but should any disparities happen between prices provided by a Dynacom representative and prices shown on Dynacom’s website or any other printed documents, the prices provided by the Dynacom representative always have precedence. Accordingly, Dynacom reserves the right to reject, correct, cancel or terminate any order for products or services for which the price was incorrectly displayed on its website. If your order is cancelled and your credit card has already been charged, we will issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the charge. To provide you with a credit, where applicable, is Dynacom’s only obligation to you.

Dynacom is not obligated to sell products or services based on errors or misprints on our website.

Dynacom reserves the right to change its pricing at any time without prior notice.

Satisfaction guaranteed policy

Dynacom is confident about the quality of its products and the customer satisfaction remains at the core of our activity, that is why it offers a 30-day satisfaction guaranteed policy or your money back.

In addition, Dynacom does not require any commitment from its customers and cancellation of a subscription to one of our management solutions is possible at any time.

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