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Dynacom Synergy: enabling your business

Welcome to Synergy, a flexible customization environment developed by Dynacom to quickly and cost-effectively tailor the popular Dynacom Accounting software to meet your exact needs.

Synergy is a simple, unique, affordable and powerful customization environment that is fully integrated with Dynacom’s accounting software. Synergy allows you to easily adapt your software according to your specific needs and demands.

Use Synergy to:

  • Add new data-entry fields

  • Modify existing data-entry fields

  • Create new custom reports

  • Define specific actions within your software

  • Build your own business forms
  • … and much more!

No in-depth knowledge of
programming is required!

If your current management software doesn’t meet all of your management needs or if you are wasting a considerable amount of time performing tedious and repetitive tasks, then you should seriously consider customizing your accounting application.

No technical knowledge is required to obtain instant results that match your reality, especially since Synergy is closely integrated with your Dynacom software.

No matter the sector of activity in which you work, Synergy allows you to customize your Dynacom accounting software in no time at all!

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