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Enterprise+ edition

A financial management solution that evolves
with the specific needs of growing companies

Dynacom Enterprise+ edition is our most powerful business management solution. Available online, this solution can meet any specific needs your business management processes involve.

Dynacom enterprise+

Benefit from an integrated management tool
at a very affordable price

Adapt Dynacom to your business reality and boost your productivity!

The Enterprise+ edition can be fully customized to meet your operational needs. With its highly efficient productivity tools designed to serve even large businesses, this financial management solution will help you manage your growing business effectively and achieve your goals.


To learn about the Enterprise+ Edition pricing, please contact one of our representatives to assess your needs.

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The Enterprise+ benefits

  • Available online, the Enterprise+ edition of Dynacom Accounting can not only support an unlimited number of users, but more importantly, it is the only application in its category to be fully customizable to meet your entire needs and demands.
  • Quick start support – Guaranteed callback: maximum 1hr – Data import service available (at an extra cost) – Full VIP Preferential service – Unlimited payroll
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee included. Moreover, there is no obligation on your part, you can cancel your subscription anytime!
  • Your data is saved daily and stored on Dynacom’s secure servers.

Why choose the SaaS version of the Enterprise+ edition?

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The key to success: business processes optimization

Boost your company’s growth with powerful features

The Synergy technology

Dynacom is the only accounting solution on the Quebec market that allows advanced customization to meet your company’s specific needs. No in-depth knowledge of programming language is required!

Lear more

  • Add completely new screens
  • Add new reports

  • Set new business rules
  • … and much more!

Dynacom enterprise+

Custom development

More than 300 custom projects developed over the past 30 years by qualified teams.

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  • Industry specific solutions designed to respect your business processes

  • Customized and scalable developments to meet your specific needs

développement sur mesure


A B2B-B2C e-commerce platform, multilingual, multi-currency and integrated with Dynacom Accounting (no double entry).

Lear more

  • Ability to display the inventory in real-time

  • CMS included

  • Competitive price

  • And much more!

Dynacom e-commerce

The point of sale

The Cashier: a single, complete and integrated solution to manage all transactions at your point of sale.

Lear more

  • Control of cash register peripherals (cash drawer, customer display and receipt printer)

  • Security provided by the definition of a maximum amount of cash and the possibility of forcing a deposit, if necessary

  • Automatic printing of a receipt for each transaction

  • And much more!

dynacom point of sale

Specialized modules (add-ons)

Boost your Dynacom Enterprise+ edition with additional functionality through add-ons developed specifically for your Dynacom software.

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  • Service and warranty management module
  • Inventory import

  • And over a hundred more!

Dynacom plug-ins

Maximize your business performance
with Dynacom