The Company


Our mission

A number of key ideas inspired the founding of Dynacom and continue to drive its development. Indeed, from the beginning, Dynacom set itself the objective of supporting companies, in Quebec and elsewhere, in their development, to reach their full potential.

For Dynacom, becoming a leading partner for many companies is not just about providing them with innovative management software.

Dynacom practices a partnership in the field, a partnership that values the spirit of entrepreneurial mutual assistance, particularly through the support it offers to organizations dedicated to youth entrepreneurship and through direct interaction with its clients.

Becoming the reference in helping business management through mutual assistance is the mission that guides both employees in their day-to-day work and members of management in their strategic planning.


Our vision

For Dynacom, a corporate vision must inspire and even guide its customers and employees. With this in mind, Dynacom favours a growth model rich in cooperation, exchanges and innovations whose ultimate objective is to become the largest developer of management software in Quebec.

Our desire to achieve our vision and ensure its sustainability is at the heart of our actions: integrating our clients’ concerns into the execution of daily tasks, surpassing expectations by maintaining a strong and lasting relationship with them, but also being at the forefront of market trends in order to offer solutions adapted to their distinctive needs.

Our ambition to earn our clients’ trust is what drives us to become a leader in the management software industry.

The Dynacom Group

A key leader in the business management solutions market
whose ecosystem includes the following solutions:

Members of the management team


Alain Nadeau
Founding President

Alain Nadeau founded Dynacom Technologies in 1990, where he has been President for 24 years. An experienced and passionate entrepreneur who started his first management company at the age of 17, he now oversees Dynacom’s activities and exercises his leadership throughout the company’s departments.

Mr. Nadeau’s mission is to promote the growth of his clients’ businesses as much as that of Dynacom. He has also received numerous awards and honours for his leadership and innovation.

Nancy Laramée
Finance Director

Nancy Laramée has graduated from Sherbrooke University and holds a Bachelor in Business Administration. She has previously worked for companies such as Tricentris, and the Sofitel hotel in Montreal.

Pierre Arel

Pierre Arel
Director of IT

A computer science graduate and with a long experience as a technician, Pierre Arel joined Dynacom in 1997 where he held various positions, including Director of Service and Quality Assurance. Mr. Arel has been Director of IT since July 2019. In this capacity, he is responsible for the computer equipment and the proper functioning of the workstations. He supervises and ensures the maintenance of the computer network and adapts it to technological developments as well as the company’s needs.

Some of our clients