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Lite edition

A simple accounting software to manage
your accounting operations with ease

Dynacom Accounting Lite Edition is an affordable online software ideal for tracking your company’s revenues and expenses.

Lite Edition

Take advantage of our special offer
and get 80% discount

Centralize all your accounting activity in one single place

The Dynacom Accounting Lite edition allows you to track all of your accounting activity at any time. Organize your accounts receivable/payable easily and receive your payments faster.

Limited time offer


for the first 3 months.¹

The Lite benefits

  • The Lite edition of Dynacom Accounting is available only online and supports 1 user license only. If your needs exceed 1 user license, you should consider the SMB version of Dynacom Accounting.
  • Quick start support and installation guidelines are included.
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee included. No commitment is required from you, you can cancel at any time!
  • Your data is backed up daily on Dynacom’s secure servers.

¹The Lite edition is offered at $9.95/month, a discount of approximately 80% for the first three months on a monthly subscription. The regular rate of $52.35/month will be billed starting from the 4th month. Offer valid until November 30, 2023. This offer is available only to new Dynacom customers.

Why choose the SaaS version of the Lite edition?

Click here to learn about all the benefits of the SaaS version.

A simple accounting software
for optimized business processes

Improve the management
and performance of your business