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Finally, timesheet management that is both simplified and accelerated!

Say goodbye to wasting time checking, adjusting and retyping your employees’ timesheets with all the risks that this entails. Dynacom has developed its own solution that does all the work for you (and more!):

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Dynacom and Nutcache,
an integrated solution with many benefits

Benefit from simple and efficient time tracking

Using the integrated Dynacom/Nutcache solution, employees enter their work hours directly into Nutcache and, once the timesheets are approved, managers can export them directly into Dynacom with one click. A solution that offers many benefits:

  • Ensures the accuracy and validity of hours worked
  • Allows for prior approval of hours worked
  • Make payroll quicker
  • Allows access at any time and from anywhere
  • Makes it possible to print timesheets as needed

Speed up your payroll processing by avoiding double entries

The Dynacom/Nutcache solution automates the payroll process by eliminating double entry and potential errors. Finally, you save time while processing a more accurate payroll.

  • Links timesheets with payroll

  • Automates payroll processing, even construction payroll (CCQ)!
  • Allows for the management of leaves and holidays
  • Eliminates manual tasks, no data to re-enter

Timesheet management is only the beginning…

In addition to timesheet management and accelerated payroll processing, the Dynacom/Nutcache solution offers you many other advantages, such as:

  • Complete project management with real time budgeting
  • Team management
  • Employee workload management
  • Enjoy the full functionality of Nutcache for 6 months!

How does it work?

Thanks to a complete integration between Dynacom and Nutcache, the hours worked entered in Nutcache are automatically exported to Dynacom for faster payroll processing. What are the prerequisites to benefit from this solution?

  • Be a Dynacom Technologies customer
  • Have an active subscription to Nutcache
  • Install a plug-in in Dynacom to connect the two applications

What is Nutcache?

Nutcache is an integrated Professional Services Automation solution (PSA) developed here in Quebec by Dynacom Technologies that simplifies time entry for your employees, speeds up timesheet approvals, and allows for subsequent processing of your employees’ payrolls with just a few clicks.

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Nutcache has won numerous awards over the years

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Make time tracking and payroll easier and faster

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