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Add power to the Enterprise+ Edition

Enhance Dynacom Enterprise+ Edition with additional features thanks to the hundreds of specialized modules developed specifically for your Dynacom software. All our specialized modules are available for monthly rental, starting at $9.95, of which the most popular are:

Among our other popular specialized modules, you will find:

Name of the specialized module Price/Month
Business forms $9.95
Comparative sales report $9.95
Commission per client $9.95
Item location $9.95
NSF cheque reversal $9.95
Multi-seller per retail line and commission per item $9.95
Cheque stub $9.95
Account to account transactions $9.95
Printing a receipt for a payment receipt $9.95
Fuel surcharge $9.95
Summary billing statistics – per customer $9.95
Multi-sellers $9.95
Information on the last invoice for an item $9.95
Inventory import $9.95
Punch clock import $9.95
Vehicle fleet management $9.95
Mass emailing $9.95
And many more!

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